Here’s Why You Need Your Garage Cleaned

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Just like death and taxes, cleaning the garage is an unavoidable part of life. Messes in the garage have the tendency to grow and grow until it fills basically all of the garage. Messes have the tendency to increase and divide.

Getting Started Cleaning

How do we begin deal with an unpleasant garage? Start by taking everything out. I mean it, get everything. An appropriate cleaning includes the ceiling, floors, and walls. The most crucial part of garage cleaning is to get rid of all products saved in your garage and begin arranging them into stacks. Its crucial to identify what you need to keep and what ought to be thrown away or donated.

When you have eliminated every possible thing in the garage that was not bolted down, take a look at what you have accumulated outside. Ruthlessly take a look at every product to figure out if you should keep it, must throw it away, or don’t need it and can donate it to someone.

If you haven’t used it in a year, you most likely do not need it. Begin to arrange your stacks into 3 classifications; keep, donate, and discard. Before to you go any further with the garage clean up, get rid of the discard stack.

Get Your Garage Cleaned Professionally

A great deal of these items might be worth something too. You can list products on eBay, or get rid of them by running an old-fashioned garage sale. This helps you in 2 ways. Initially, you know things are going to a new home. Second, you can generate income to cover the expense of cleaning.

Thoroughly put the other 2 stacks someplace safe until the garage clean up is done. We’ll return to these things later on after we have finished the real cleaning, and are all set to start the procedure of arranging things back inside the garage.

Best Ways To Clean Your Garage

What are the best ways to clean up a garage? Start from the front and work your way back.

An unpleasant garage has the tendency to gather dust and crap on the floor. We will deal with that and get it looking like new again. From the ceiling, use a broom to clear any cobwebs. Examine lighting fixtures, garage door handles, and windows for any problems, then give all of it an excellent clean down.

Now give the walls and windows an excellent soaking with a heavy duty cleaning sponge. Use old towels to wipe everything dry. You will probably have a giant, ugly mess all over the floor by this point.

Professional Garage Cleaning

Beginning with the back, use a push broom to sweep every bit of debris towards the front and out the door. Getting all of this crap out from the garage has 2 benefits. Initially, you need to attend get it cleaned up and looking nice again, or the next-door neighbors will grumble. Second, you can now reach the difficult to reach locations.

Water is one of the most important things when it comes to cleaning your garage, so go get your bucket. Give the floor a severe mopping. You might need to scrub hard to eliminate several years of gunk.

After drying, if there are oil spots on the floor, you can try scrubbing them away. You might have the ability to get away with brushing the area with a wire brush. However, do not injure yourself. You might have to get a commercial-grade oil stain eliminator. This eliminator will take out discolorations so you can quickly clean it.

If you’d like to skip doing all of this intensive labor yourself, MAID It Home can help. Give our professional cleaners a call today and we’ll come out and take care of your cluttered garage for you!