Here Are The Top Cleaning Products That The Pros Use

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Expert cleaners bring a ton of experience to their work. That experience has an impact on what types of of cleaning tools and items they use. To know what exactly the pros use, fill your cleaning closet or cabinet with these essential products.

What Products Do The Expert Cleaners Use?

The star of your cleaning supplies ought to be a premium all-purpose cleaner. We use Mr. Clean, which has been shown to be efficient and safe for all surface areas. It’s now even available in numerous Febreze smells and in an anti-bacterial formula, which eliminates to 99.9% of all germs. Go with the large bottles to get the best price per ounce.

For windows and mirrors, this famous cleaner works best: Windex. It also can clean sealed marble and granite, restroom and kitchen tiles, and glass shower doors. It’s been proven to be safe on covered windows. To clean electronic devices, use the item specifically made for that.

Cleaning Products That Pros Use

Also keep a tile and grout cleaner on hand, such as Scrubbing Bubbles or Arm & Hammer Scrub Free. These acid-based cleaners eliminate soap accumulation without the effort required that leaves you with aching arms and wrists. The initial solutions work well for routine usage, however we use the bleach variations when confronted with severe amounts of build up.

Lastly, when confronted with pet spots, we take out a multi-action, bio-enzymatic cleaning formula such as Nature’s Wonder. It responds to natural stain and odors better than items that just cover the spots with a masking smell. The product also reaches below the carpeting into the pad and subfloor to give it a total cleaning. Get the Laundry Increase formula for when you clean pet beds and other related products.

What Types Of Tools Do Professional Cleaners Use?

Specific cleaning tools work much better than others for specific tasks. For instance, terry fabric makes an exceptional all-purpose cleaning rag, while cotton fabrics work best for buffing. Microfiber gets rid of dust the best, but keep in mind to not use material conditioner when drying microfiber.

Constantly have on hand double-sided sponges, as the nylon scrubby side is perfect for sticky messes. Also have various brushes for various jobs. Yes, grout truly does need the smaller sized brush, and you need the specifically shaped toilet brush for that job.

What Tools Do Expert Cleaners Use

An extendible duster for cleaning high-up lighting fixtures takes your cleaning to the expert level, as does the unique accessory for ceiling fans. Get a high quality squeegee as well to obtain streak-free windows for after you’re done cleaning them.

When it comes time to buy a new vacuum, start by choosing between an upright and a container. A top quality upright finishes the job in all houses, with a cylinder making it simpler to clean stairs. Next try to find one with these functions:

  • Height modification so you can match the vacuum height whatever you’re cleaning
  • Equipped with a brush on-off switch. When switched off, the vacuum better cleans up and prevents scratching of bare floorings
  • Motorized furniture accessory. This tool is essential for houses with animals
  • HEPA filter to minimize irritants in the house
  • Bagless cylinder. You’ll conserve money in the long run
  • Lastly, purchase premium rubber gloves. Your hands will thank you, as will your nail polish if manicures are a must-have in your life.

With all these cleaning items and tools, you’ll be able to tackle your next clean up around the house like a pro.